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Homech Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager Handheld Muscle Soreness Relief Massager

Homech Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager Handheld Muscle Soreness Relief Massager with High-Torque Motor 20 Speeds 6 Replaceable Massage Heads for Gym Office Home

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About this item

  • Lightweight & Powerful: Weighs only 1.5lb and comes with a storage bag so you can carry it to the gym or the office to relieve muscle pain and improve mobility wherever you need

  • Biblical Endurance: Engineered with 2600mAh 3C rated batteries which serve a long battery life, up to 5hrs at the lowest speed level and 10hrs when the massage gun is on standby

  • Powerful Massage Performance: Leverages a high-torque brushless motor for up to 3200 RPM, bringing up to 33lb of pressure 12mm deep into your tissue to treat your muscles to intense stimulation

  • 6 Massage Heads: Selection of heads to customize your experience; easy and quick to remove/affix each head to home in on different muscle groups for a more effective treatment

  • Quiet Operation: Adopts a 17V brushless motor and high-quality bearing for an almost drop-dead silent massage, as low as 35dB, to use in the office or gym without causing a disturbance

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Next-Generation Massage Gun

Relax tired muscles, improve circulation and relieve tension and stress, with the Homech massage gun. Tailor-make your treatment, depending on your physical needs, by choosing from one of the 20 speed settings and 6 massage heads. Weighing only 1.5lbs, you can enjoy powerful percussion therapy wherever you go.

  • 20 adjustable speed levels

  • 6 attachment heads

  • 3-10hrs of use from a full charge

  • 15min auto shut-off

  • Low operating noise

  • 17V brushless high-torque motor

  • 2600mAh rechargeable 3C rated batteries

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LED touch screen control clearly displays the current speed, easily switch up the speed intensity with a touch – even if your hands are sweaty. Each touch button can be used for more than 1000000 times.

Incredibly light massage gun weighs only 1.5lbs, you can hold it and use one-handed no problem. The handle is fitted with a rubber surface for a secure grip, and also includes 4 LED indicators which display the current battery level.

A powerful combination of a premium stainless steel shell with heat emission holes located on the top to provide a more substantial and reliable service life, ensuring you receive a satisfying deep-tissue massage with every session.

Since I've been forced to work from home, I noticed that I'm sitting longer and my backs and my legs seem to be more stiff and muscles more tight. I spend almost 10 hours a day on a computer chair and at the end of everything is stiff. This has helped greatly in providing relief throughout the day.

This was really easy to use straight out of the box. There was no need to read the instructions. It was just plug in, select the right massage head, push the power button & use. I was able to use it on my lower back by myself although it would be more helpful for my husband to hold it.

The volume is fairly quiet for a massage gun & does not get louder as you choose higher speeds. The volume of the motor is a deal breaker & isn’t too disturbing. I heard the tv just fine & my baby continued to sleep.

I found out quickly that I prefer the flat attachment over the round attachment due to the round one being a sort of porous material instead of smooth. When using the massager over my shirt, the porous attachment kind of got tangled where the flat one didn’t. When used directly on my skin, the porous attachment rubbed my back uncomfortably. I would prefer a softer round attachment because I have soft skin. Overall, the value & ease of use is terrific. I’m very happy with this & my back stopped hurting within minutes of using it.


- Easy to use and operate

- Compact, small enough to hide in a bag under your desk

- Long battery life, I use it about 5-10 minutes a session, 3-4 times a day. I can go a whole week without charging

- Good amount of attachments for the price point

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