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Theragun Reviews

Theragun G3 Review | Theragun G3PRO

THE DEEP MUSCLE TREATMENT EXPERTS TRUST. Backed by 10+ years of research & development. Most effective deep tissue massage device. Relieves muscle tension, soreness & pain. Accelerates muscle activation & repair.ULTRA-COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC HANDLE. Hold our ergonomic Theragun Triangle handle from multiple grips & treat hard-to-reach areas like your lower back more comfortably than other massagers.ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS. Industrial-grade motor delivers the exact depth & speed of muscle treatment your body needs to heal fast & relieve soreness instantly.LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT. Get the life-changing benefits of the most effective percussive massage available, with the convenience of our most compact device ever.ESSENTIAL ATTACHMENTS FOR FULL-BODY USE. liv’s high quality attachments are versatile & specially designed for use on over 90% of the body.


Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device, Handheld Deep Muscle Treatment Massager & Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief, Recovery, Enhance Performance & Energize The Body

Instantly relieve pain, enhance performance & recovery, melt away stress, & release tightness, knots, & spasms with the G3’s scientifically-calibrated deep muscle treatment, delivered 40 times per second2 Essential Speeds: Customize treatment with our standard, deep treatment speed & a lighter speed for sensitive, sore areasSuperior Construction & Design: Featuring a premium, high-gloss finish & sleek profile, the G3 is constructed with high-quality components & is our quietest experience yetNo-Strain Ergonomic Multi-Grip: Easily treat hard-to-reach areas without strain on your hands, wrists, & arms with 3 ergonomic grips and unique ergonomic designIncludes: G3 percussive therapy device, 4 Pro Attachments, premium Travel Case, & Power Adapter


The Theragun delivers on its promises. The main selling points are that it helps with workout recovery by releasing muscle tension and relieving soreness, it accelerates warmup and cool-down periods for exercise and soothes pain without any sort of medication or supplement.

Theragun definitely does all of those things: In my few months of experience with the Liv and G3, I've noticed improvements in areas that athletes and recreational exercisers alike are keen on improving. Those things include: 

Quickened recovery time after strenuous workouts, especially long runs Improved range of motion when used before workouts, especially in the upper back and shouldersIn general, better muscle flexibility Immediate perception of pain relief when used on sore muscles 

The battery is built in, and the whole unit has to be plugged in to recharge. That’s not such a big deal since the battery will last 60 minutes.

I’ve been using both the G3 and Hypervolt lately. I find the G3 has a more forceful vibration.

The G3 is clearly an at-home product, directly targeting the Hyperice Hypervolt. To bring the cost down, the G3 doesn’t get the articulating head and swappable batteries that the G3Pro gets. The vibrations also don’t feel quite as fast, though Theragun specs both models at 29 and 40 percussions per minute.


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