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What is Massage Gun

Need to recover quicker? * Deep tissue massage gun has proven to quicken recovery, help with back pain and much more

How does it work?

* Our newly designed massage guns works by sending pulsating strokes deep into muscle-tissue.This treatment promotes blood flow and flexibility while decreasing lactic acid build-up,which enhances the recovery of muscles and tissues. These massage guns are easy to carry and provides real professional therapeutic relief to your muscles.It is also useful in physiotherapy practices to assist therapist in their massage sessions.

* Massage gun works by sending pulsating strikes deep into muscle-tissue.This treatment promotes blood flow and flexibility while decreasing lactic acid build-up, which enhances the recovery of muscles and tissues.

The Turbo Massage Gun is the best percussion massage device to help you move better.This massage gun brings you high benefits to your health and body and gives you the best way to relax your muscles after training,recovery or for a relaxing daily use.

10 Benefits of percussion therapy

✅Reduces recovery time

✅Accelerates warm-up time

✅Clears the muscles of lactic acid

✅Reduces fatigue

✅Breaks down scar tissue

✅Treat injuries and pains

✅Promotes blood circulation

✅Reduces pain from inflamed muscles

✅Releases muscle trigger points

* The Percussion Massager Muscle gun can be used for treatment and relief of injuries and pains such as tight shoulders,carpal tunnel,bursitis,shin splints,bicep tendonitis,tennis elbow, and lower back pain.

* feel better move better and recover faster with the quietest most effective percussive therapy device in the world

Free WorldWide Shipping, On All Orders

Warranty : 1-Year Limited Warranty

* Massage Gun help relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms and stiffness among athletes, therapists and all others suffering from sore muscles or injuries. Massage Gun reduces Lactic Acid and increases Lymphatic Flow after an intense workout. Massage Gun is the Ultimate recovery tool. With it’s 6 speeds you can chose lower frequencies for warming up, very sore or injured muscles, building up your tolerance as you increase to higher speeds for larger muscles groups. The Combination of vibration and percussion therapy makes the Massage gun a perfect addition to any athlete or fitness specialist’s recovery regimen

* Take your future and your health into your own hands now with Massage Gun.

* The physiological benefits to using vibration and percussion therapy are undeniable, here are a few: breaks up scar tissue, releases knots in muscle tissue, clears lactic acid, increases blood flow

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